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Southwest Airlines Community Giveback

Last Tuesday members of the Special Projects Group (Matt Fitch, Beto Lopez, Steve Peet and Phil Schreiber) joined forces with Southwest Airlines and volunteered labor and materials to refurbish several rooms and hallways of the Percy L. Julian School in Phoenix. The students and faculty were very grateful for the improvements and towards the end of the school day they lined either side of the hallway cheering and providing high-fives of gratitude as we walked through.

Brian Lewis successfully reached out to Riddle Painting and Spectra Flooring to obtain donations of carpeting, VCT flooring, rubber base, paint and supplies, and professional labor.

Below is also a letter that went out to Southwest Airlines employees:

Good day PHX Station!

First comment... YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!!!! Secondly... THANK YOU ALL!!!!

For all of you that volunteered for last week’s Fall initiative community giveback, You were all super fantastic. You made a huge impact to a school that was in dire need of a good “shot in the arm”. You touched so many worthy souls last Tuesday with your hard work, sweat, grit, and yes….a little blood in a few cases. Our SWA Team was in full force with 48 SWA Employees and 14 Employees from 4 of our contracted vendors that we partner with were on site. Needless to say, we had an army of Servant Hearted, Spirited Warriors putting in some serious work, all while showing their Fun-LUVing Attitudes.

The scope of completed work included the following:

  • Complete repainting of the school’s indoor P/E room, Band room, Chorus room, practice room and storage room – Contribution from RIDDLE Painting & Coatings in collaboration with general contractor FCI Constructors
  • Complete re-flooring of P/E room with vinyl tile – Contribution from SPECTRA Flooring Co. in collaboration with FCI Constructors
  • Re-flooring of Chorus room with new carpeting – Contribution from SPECTRA Flooring Co. in collaboration with FCI Constructors
  • Repainting of all music stands – Contribution from NAPA Auto Parts and SWA GSE
  • Custom Wood framing of all school bulletin boards – Contribution from FCI Constructors
  • (24) School policy signs re-graphed, metal backed and mounted – Contribution from City of PHX Sky Harbor, installed by FCI Constructors
  • Install new School mascot logos on school entry (The school had no Mascot logos in the traffic areas) - The Eagle
  • Repainting of (2) accent walls inside Teacher’s lounge
  • (10) Newly refurbished cushion chairs for Teacher’s lounge to replace hard plastic stackable chairs. – Donated by SWA
  • (2) New microwave ovens, new Ice tea maker, new coffee maker, new toaster oven, new flat screen TV and new framed inspirational art wall fixtures for Teacher’s lounge. – Donated by SWA Departments / Employees
  • Teacher’s lounge Ice maker pulled, serviced, cleaned and reinstalled – Contribution from Reliable Refrigeration Co.

While many of the SWA volunteers were working hard assisting or completing the work above, the other half of the Team was busy building and developing as well. Their task, building confidence in the minds as well as developing a “can-do” Spirit within the 7th and 8th grade student body. Career mentoring info sessions were scheduled to allow SWA to showcase the airline industry, to encourage these young and impressionable future Leaders to dream and set goals for their future. Each SWA department had Employee representatives that conducted a 5 minute verbal presentation on their job duties and personal commitment required to obtain these careers. Personal commitments included continuous themes of – Stay in school – Stay out of trouble – Stay away from drugs – Stay away from gangs. We engaged more than 150 students, that all seemed to enjoy learning about the many opportunities that awaits them in the airline industry and particularly at Southwest Airlines!

Percy L. Julian’s faculty, parents and students were blown away by the SWA whirlwind that came into their school re-igniting school pride and Spirit, completing much needed repairs and improvements, warming hearts and placing smiles on their faces. Your personal time and hard work is recognized and definitely appreciated. I’m sure that many of you had dialogue with teachers and students that left you with a warm heart and a sense of total fulfillment after the day’s events. I certainly did!

Thank you all for your time, efforts and commitment!

An equal “Thank You” to those of you that helped and contributed money as well as resources, that could not make it to the event. You were just as instrumental!

southwest airlines community giveback


southwest airlines community giveback

southwest airlines community giveback

southwest airlines community giveback

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