Our Capabilities

Painting and Coating Services

  • ​Interior/exterior of buildings of any size or description, including industrial facilities like water towers or dams.​
  • Doors, windows, canopy's, architectural features that require coating​
  • Water sealing​
  • Weatherization​
  • Concrete floor painting and/or sealing​
  • Anti-graffiti coatings​
  • Elastomeric coatings​
  • Epoxy coatings or urethanes on walls, ceilings, floors, ​metal etc...​
  • Wood staining​
  • Striping on walls, parking lots, athletic courts, etc...​
  • Stenciling​
  • Trowel on coatings​
  • White board coatings (to replace chalkboards)​
  • Installation of wall coverings of all kinds including FRP

Blasting Services

  • ​Graffiti removal​
  • Soda blasting​
  • Power washing​
  • Sandblasting​
  • Floor shot blasting​

Caulking and Repair Services

  • Architectural cosmetic caulking​
  • Cut out/replace backer-rod and caulking​
  • Drywall texturing​
  • Stucco finishing​
  • Wall covering removal​
  • Expansion joints/structural caulking​
  • Drywall patching​
  • Stucco patching​
  • Moderate tuck-pointing