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If the coefficient is 8.5, then the player loses the bet. The Aviator game takes the coefficient into account, without adding the bet. All players who placed bets will be multiplied by the coefficient at which the plane flies at the moment of the bet. So the player who bet 100$ will receive 200$ in total. The total amount of the bet is not added to the player, because the player redeems the bet, and it will be paid out together with the original bet.

  • The round is a single click on the round button.
  • This is the most exciting, because now you can enjoy the game, and perhaps win something.
  • The amount of your bet depends on the current coefficient.
  • The game is available at You will find all the information that you need on the official website.
  • The game of the Aviator algorithm is rather simple but the main thing is not to overdo it and be able to stop the takeoff at the right moment.

The player should take care not to pay more than is necessary. The first result is selected randomly (according to the algorithm in the program, in this case it is [1_TEXT].5$). In the game, you have a round of bets placed. Each time, the coefficient is multiplied by the amount of bets. This is the sum of the products of the bets and the coefficients for all rounds in the game.

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Your earnings will be displayed in the Shop tab. If you are interested in playing Aviator, then you should immediately download the game from the online casino. Once you have finished installing the game, you can start your round by entering the bonus.

You can easily check the game statistics in the menu. There are all the necessary parameters in the game. You will not need to go to the casino site to make your decision. Microgaming online casino – Aviator is a casino game that is free.

  • The bonus is available for the first three deposits.
  • The plane is always in motion, and every new round is made up of a few seconds.
  • It is more than a game of skill and luck, but of a more intellectual nature.
  • Aviator offers odds in the range of 1.8-3.0%.
  • Aviatorth, but is not an authentic Aviator Sport.

You can predict the outcome of events in football, cricket, hockey, tennis, snooker, e-sports, fantasy league, and horse racing. An online betting company, Aviator stepped in the online gambling market a decade ago. During this time, the company had managed to set some standards and earned fame in almost 93 countries.

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Then you will be able to receive the bonus that will help you to reach the maximum rating and get the largest possible win! In addition to the regular features, this game has a unique feature that allows the player to add his own bets before starting the race. There are three Aviators, and players can add a bet on any of the three planes.

  • When you start playing, you can check if the game is fair.
  • In addition, you can also find the FAQ section for the website.
  • It is important to add that the Aviator currency is not connected to your real money account.
  • Aviator and regulations set by the gaming laws of the country where you reside.
  • If the coefficient is under 2x, then the odds grow.
  • Whether you are a new player, a consistent player or a regular gambler, you can play for free.

The bets are fixed and you can play without time limits. Aviator is a choice for gambling players who prefer classic and simple roulette – or just enjoy the game that is as close as possible to roulette. The casino is organized in such a way that you can even play it on mobile devices.

Aviator: Where Excitement Awaits

It is important to understand that the player must be carefully selected before you play. If the player you sent to the game is on the blacklist and has done something irregular, it will not allow him to play. In this case, all bets will be lost, as well as all bets of the previous round which were not completed. You can place a bet right from the beginning of the game.

  • You can just take a look at the amount of the bet.
  • If the coefficient is 2x, then the player lost, but if the coefficient is 3x, then the player won.
  • To earn a diamond, players need to participate in the round and bet.

– Playtech – the most popular provider of casino games, also relying on its own developers. – Red Tiger – a reliable provider of mobile casino games. – Endorphina – famous provider of online casino games with its own developers. The number of rounds that will be played in Aviator game is based on the percentage of the bet placed on each round. Therefore, the risk level and the size of the prize depends on the bet. If you are lucky, the game can continue for more than 20 rounds!

The first question you need to answer is how much money to invest. You can play only for the small size bets, but even this one is a risk. You have to choose between the risk of losing money quickly, or take a chance to win big. If you lose, it is no problem, you can resume the game later. Just sit and wait for the first aircraft to come. The plane will probably fly away at a coefficient of 1x, but do not bet!

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To get to the group assigned to the player, it is necessary to log in to the game in his account. After that, you can access the game in his account the way he usually accesses poker games online. The player will be able to access the site as usual. In addition, the player will not get the message that access to the game was denied because the player is not in the group assigned to him. To keep playing Aviator and earn the maximum winning, try to guess when the coefficient will reach the limit and stop growing.

The screen rotation is automatically enabled for mobile phones. The game will not work on the mobile screen if it is set to portrait mode. The Aviator game is known as a game with an extraordinary popularity amongst online players. It is especially popular among online gamblers. Most of the online casinos that offer the game have become its providers.

  • If you made the bet and the win multiplier was 6x, and the winnings are multiplied by 6x, the winnings are equal to the bet.
  • The odds in the game are set by artificial intelligence and not by casino.
  • Do you want to take the risk and go on the plane?
  • This game is highly recommended for all who like playing with low-risk bets.

Games that offer unique experiences, and games that are simply priceless. The Aviator online casino does not use scam software or bots. The calculations that are used in the game are completely transparent.

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Please note that Aviator is a freeware, so you can play at free play mode, and then you can enter the game from the notification. In this case, the game works as a freeware, and you can play it without downloading anything. Earning the progressive jackpot is fairly simple. In the first round, you bet a fixed amount for the first time. In every subsequent round, your bet in the previous round increases by a specific multiplier.

  • If you feel that the game is too simple, you can take a hit out of the plane.
  • The game is also just a game like many others, but it gives the player the opportunity to win big and for the first time in online gaming.
  • In addition, we offer you the opportunity to play with the Aviator game in all of our casinos.

The game is free to play, but it is possible to get a discount on the price of the plane, which will help you to win more. You need to register, pay $10 and get a chance to participate in the games. The game contains a series of tables, with the coefficient that is generated at the moment of the round. The game is not available in the mobile version. The Aviator game is designed to deliver the maximum amount of winnings. The Aviator game is a 5-reel, 15-line slot that gives you an opportunity to change the game at any moment.

The Slot Carnival

The beauty of this game is the volatility of changes in the coefficient and the fact that your bet is used to multiply the coefficient. The higher the coefficient you choose, the higher your winning percentage will be. The key element of the entire process is the coefficient.

Aviator: Your Winning Advantage

The winning is guaranteed and the risk is minimal. If it stops before you sell, you lose everything. If you do not sell it, the helicopters will keep growing. The multiplier starts at 1x and grows until you sell the helicopter. If you decide to sell your helicopter to a higher price, you can earn more.

Its creator, Daniel Robert has already released a similar game for smartphones called Aviato. Gaming fans must also remember the history of the slot machine Renaissance. The original reel slot machine was invented in 1830s. The technological breakthrough in this technology allowed the player to place the bet in a slot machine, which was not possible before.

Rewards Await You

Only those who excel at games of chance and remain calm, with no greed can win money in the game of Aviator! An investment of 0.1 Euro is equal to a bet of 1 Euro. Minimal bet is locked for the first 5 minutes after the start of the game. The best thing about the Aviator is that it is not only about playing and winning.

In the near future, the game will be released for mobile devices as well. We’ve thought about everything to make the game as convenient as possible for all mobile users. The Aviator game free play is a mixture of fun and useful stuff! The game is played from the page of the BC online casino.

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Aviator are the same as those that are offered for the online lottery at Casinome. The online video poker is basically a machine that once, as a Aviator game, is played in a casino. Naturally, its price is a little higher than other games in that category, and the idea is to attract an audience.

The best online casinos should have a large number of games for players who prefer to play roulette. They should have a large variety of roulette games, ranging from original roulette to roulette with bonuses. The player can play Aviator free online games anywhere without registration. You can always check if the application to play Aviator is working and if the game is fair. Aviator for playing Aviator have not changed in the new version. To play the game, you can use the training mode.

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If you like Aviator, you can visit the official website or download the official application on your smartphone or tablet. If you want to try out our services, click on the link below to play any of the listed games: The most important thing to choose the right online casino is always what you like. If you are a fan of the Diamond Joker, the game is already in the casinos of the above list. Do not play with the highest winnings and only with money that you can afford to lose. The casino gives the opportunity to play with virtual credits that are used to buy the plane.

You can also see all the weapons and the plane parts you use in the game. The PokerStars game allows you to feel like a risky pilot, and your earnings depend on the height you manages to lift the plane. The Aviator online casino is a great game that can be played both online and on mobile. Its main goal is to become a new trend among online casino players. We believe that this game was created for you, so enjoy the game and show that you are serious!